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There are men’s brief introduction, Chiba, 36-year-old office worker.
Now I work as a clerk in the company of Tokyo.
Now, without borrowing from where we live.
Net income at that time was approximately ¥ 210000.
Why sharks who wanted to borrow money with money I early 20s when, addicted to pachinko and pachislot bonus to the Customs consumer finance business from the credit company 3 total with 10 total liabilities 3500000 Yen crosses, was.
And the bankruptcy 13 years ago from now and still can’t make consumer loans and credit cards.
At that time in the boss’s Office.com my debt, from their superiors “to your mae金 slob! a!
“”You’re parents are helpless like said even had to quit work at that time, because every day receive no defamatory speech or violence.
Have you declared bankruptcy after not managed to tadasanakucha his sloppiness and at famous angle of ○, ○ vegetables leading food chain 0000 joined international managers over job, trying to stabilize the income was all his efforts. But is was for black businesses after all now that it was at that time also had saved some money, but worth more than food is to buy enough equipment and supplies out of Pocket expired, expensive spending originally had any pre-existing medical conditions even worse, lost not only the rich, and lost friends and colleagues,
Further messed up mental and personality than you declared bankruptcy, and at that time it was very hard.
Many black companies have wandered through the post afterwards, work, or have reduced income. While at home, had to move from somewhere without going through the sure enough examination is situation must be borrowed was applied to borrowing banks and consumer finance
Forced deportation deadline day approached from the House at the time was black I have dabbled in gold.
How do I chose a company or personal bankruptcy and consumer credit debt consolidation that people rent them, are looking for on the Internet.
Not all contractors at that time also the East Japan earthquake, lend.
Loan apply for supplier status every day to call is coming from a mobile phone shortly after 申込nnda in the net of certain lenders do not know, or emailed direct from the supplier, sure I had sent loan information from SNS.Caching details first contact information (including address) name and address of his birth, the bankruptcy total employer name and address telephone number, owner name and owner, in addition to know of might be better, but inquisitive asked to contact their families and relatives and the address.
For business or family knew at the time I moved to “call me from the real estate security company from thank you!
“And deceived the examination applied for 100000 yen borrowing as eventually as examination at 70000 yen, interest lent by 3 percent in 10 days. Borrowed money and then what happened?
My opponent sharks squeezed, even when to repay the borrowed money was in full awareness, so payment bank transfer account commercial repeatedly touted the use of specified repayment date four days ago bank interest. But transferred after sharks gold seller contact here, came a call from a cell phone number for another 10 days after “is going on I’m past the due date if payment?
“And 怒鳴rikonnde I also see transferred to the specified bank account, including interest due 4 days ago!
“And so far returned” you I transfer the account where I’m!
Do repay it now!
“And has been shelling the jeers.
I also come to mind “here there’s not-I’m telling you that I’m on so persistently confirmed for payment transferred to the account, it was!
“And protested.
But still black gold is still not fit from various mobile telephone numbers day and night come over the phone, has been calling on business and family.
Harassment no odds and ends!
Without permission to use my name store somewhere in adult toy total 200000 yen from a courier charge in cash on delivery, or order pizza about 50000 Yen is the worst loan shark is a groundless lie say money killed my mother reported to police that.
At that time, 10 units in the police criminal and could not sleep at all that night, and it was not difficult to police officers and dozens of people had rushed the arduous.
Finally I also exceeds the limits of patience to put report to the nearest police station and various staff.
Then police is sharks have the following measures against money in about two weeks Yami did not call me from gold. But from the police’s “black money and knowing how borrowed money? Return borrowed does not end with Yami’s tactic of money so easily sharks don’t hand out money? ” And “personal bankruptcy have also borrowed from social welfare Council is up to 100000 Yen?? Yam didn’t except the?
“And I scolded.(Compiled by) black conclusion advice for people thinking of gold absolutely black where you shouldn’t be borrowing money from the money and rent is not.
“King of the South” and “black gold ushijima-Kun” looks like I don’t know companies face even looks, location, no fragment of human touch, in TV drama black is much worse than the scene plays in a loan money.
If you pay at the end is never that bit does not reimburse for them means.
Street sharks and gold particularly 090 financial debtor of this much ago the due date to repay money from the beginning in order to lash and harassment they reason with something called arrears, require tens of times, hundreds of times the amount than the principal.
I’ve been inhumane harassment still about beast or behavior of can head to the family and relatives of me odd was calls of complaints from the family members and relatives.
For a while I continued estranged state until recently.
I sharks never did not borrow more money and then the press bed is black I think underestimated the money somewhere.
Do not really dabbled in my experience darkness on Friday.
Here two or three years sharks never borrow from strangers that reduced the number of ears, but especially 090 finance such nondescript.
Cannot be arrested because police also 090 financial phone number based on location of them trying to figure out was using the fly line still is.
Man I’d love to have you declared bankruptcy Yami becomes the prey of gold.
Immediately after the bankruptcy I got hundreds and Yami came from direct mail is sent.
Do not put hands on it to.
From the teacher’s lawyer was responsible for the handling of bankruptcy at the time of my “black may not help if you dabbled in gold” and said strongly.
It is recommended that depends on the municipality when the bankrupt person just wants to borrow money, but to borrow from the Social Welfare Council.
Social Welfare Council until the loan, in the written procedure takes some time, but shouldn’t take interest and the sharks not been harassed like the money is….
But I think that non-mortgage debt not from where we can be most ideal.
Admonish the sloppiness of money when young, now I was ashamed of their thoughts by studying Nissho bookkeeping.


Three occur during the use of consumer credit trouble

Home > 3 may occur when you use three occur during the use of consumer credit trouble measures consumers ‘ financial troubles and explain the three may occur during the use of consumer financial trouble.
Consumers ‘ financial troubles are broadly, there are three.
Clearly each trouble trouble trouble going for the loan payment out of the commentary.
Borrowing trouble at first, borrowing trouble is a typical “others used her name without permission the caching” that is the case.
People it’s used without permission under the name like this if it does not occur any repayment obligation.
Then there is if you had borrowed from providing loans beyond the interest exceeds 20% in another is determined by the equity method.
The supplier side is called the gold in this case have not adhered to the investment law subject to criminal penalties.
Obligation to repay debt from the gold interest rate restriction Act ignoring precedent, no!
There are ruling said.
Would using a collection troubles consumer users most people have in 500000 Yen you can get a loan, unsecured loan.
Judging so harshly, but on the other hand waits collection payments are delayed.
About 10 years before the collection regulations had to daily on TV, to see the famous exacted excessive leading consumer finance, and became a problem.
Shown earlier is the leading consumer finance is now strictly regulated, so please do not perform any scare tactics like delay.
(Seems there are providing a collection with some minor financial trader and now even tougher stance….
) Became difficult to trouble repaying of the insolvency debtor must be “debt consolidation”.
Debt consolidation types.
It is a particular arbitration, civil rehabilitation, bankruptcy and voluntary liquidation four.
Here is a story about the difference between the respective debt consolidation we leave.
Changed how 4 types of debts to use depending on your debt situation.
Because the specialist knowledge required to pay if you fail to try to consult lawyer offices preferred.
All the trouble to consult first thing is important so far consumer finance loans, collection and payment talk about disability issues had had.


Useful information to borrow money in self-employed business

If sole proprietorship also established a company to put together information to help you borrow money self-employed possessing their own dream from generation to generation in the family also succeeded the self-employed? You don’t feel responsible because unlike office workers, such as workers in common told the point. I’d last, for example money situation is different and if you sign up and review differences in? , And might be like. Also anyone with to make money quickly. Could be employed even now to borrow money, so when there is a great help. So, I tried to lump when self-employed to borrow money to help. Knowing these but it won’t serve you information to help you, so. → borrowed money this way! Sole proprietorship in available loans and caching? When borrowing money loans and caching is a very convenient service. Well, if the self-employed are available or not, a little worried to. What use the money and it turns out, this is key. Intended use of the money is free, such as bank loans and consumer lending. However, we don’t permit use as a financing. So it is possible to borrow money as the cost of living. For example, this month ceremonies followed by spending so many expenses pinch! And if for this reason in the self-employed using loans and caching, you can prepare the money. Also give self-employed because the proprietor is impossible, and I’m fine. If you borrow money by the way as a financing business loans available is recommended. Self-employed income is even tougher examination? There are images that a high threshold when the proprietor is compared to the common workers borrow money. It seems no less was that “actually, applied for a loan to strict examination. And it’s difficult to review is not often try to lend money, and still has the conditions to have a steady income and a steady income, monthly income is unstable it is very self employed will be determined. May need income to pay off when the person talking about the money borrowed was hospitalized with illness and injury, becomes zero.It does not of course cannot be pre-authorized. It is that compared to the company employee who hassled hard impression. It is often heard used when borrowing money from conduit for review to point Bank and consumer finance. That may apply on the grounds that in many cases the cost of living supplement is, in the case of self-employed pressed just in case there is “do not use as a financing, whether or not”. Used if strictly speaking, and received a loan from banks and consumer finance is almost for free. It is possible to supplement living expenses, travel funds, and what you want to buy, and if for this reason employee or self-employed to borrow money. However, to fund business proprietors to sign up for the free loan of banking and consumer finance is NG. Keep this does not pass examination is 100 per cent if the reason and interpret it. If you borrow money for living expenses when the borrowing conditions are cleared, salaried or self-employed OK, however business owners use business funds NG, this difference should remember. Documents whenever they borrow paper money are required when borrowing money self-employed must submit with this application form. It is a proof of identity. Identification documents are business owners, Office workers even dispatch must always. -Is required to confirm your driver’s license, health insurance card, passport is generally considered these things. Will told me income certificate if applying for consumer credit, can be subject to total control, if you want to borrow more than the amount stipulated, such as more than 500000 yen. And payslips and withholding these is common, if the self-employed tax certificate is becomes necessary. It is issued in the public sector. Is because would have income tax return easily in and say why the self-employed documents issued by a public authority to. Is not to require the documents issued by the public authorities to prevent this. Documents to individual employers and workers is the difference between the idea about and why? What is is when to use caching and bean knowledge card limit amount and interest rate, compared to Office workers self-employed if you just a little bit hard to understand, but otherwise the differences.For example you can to borrow up to approximately 1/3 of income because the total pollutant load control is provided for consumer finance. This will be the limit. Although not total pollutant load control by the Bank if the Bank loans by the Bank establishes limits. Pay interest rates about interest rates, but also company employees and personal business relationships, not stipulated by the company. Many more loan amount more low interest rate, the loan amount less interest rates high is set. Take a look at the information about the amount and interest rate, in order to borrow money. If you borrow money business loans and loans which do you recommend? It is almost normally mhbk card is generally apply for purposes to be used as living expenses. It is stipulated only for its intended use as a life Fund lend money in Bank loans and consumer finance and money for rent,. Do not loan it for any other purpose. Therefore, self-employed finance rent is mean NG. However, it is also can borrow money as business capital. It is a business loan. Intended use is of course can be rented as a financing, business loans and established business owners, company executives to lend. The biggest attraction is able to borrow money in financing large. It is often said spending in personnel expenses as well as other costs that are based on the needs in the personal amount more money becomes necessary for the high amount of debt can mean. Please use the business loan if you want to raise the company’s operating funds. Talk about the need to know when borrowing money as financing self-employed and requirements to apply for a business loan, business loan terms and conditions I. That is a matter of course that the proprietor is the sole proprietorship is one of the conditions. See more in trade business, blue > “” or “return of white” is. Incidentally if the legal entity (Corporation, etc.) is subject to total control over 1/3 of revenue debt becomes impossible. If a sole proprietor under certain conditions are met is outside the scope of the total pollutant load control. Whether or not to lend money to submit a business plan and funding proposal that you, well paid and get is important.Submission of capital plans and projects required to prove it is not a reckless borrowing, you can pay every month. Earning an income that have filed tax returns every year and each year doing tax returns would have to copy. So through business loans must always previously prepared. → non-business loan loan terms here comes out there that would like to use emergency business loan business loan criteria and is still particularly concerned that would be screening information. Business loans and banks, non-banking systems, government systems, such as is there in a Word. Known by word of mouth among banking systems is difficult, there are documents required for submission. How to subscribe really want to hear and hard to avoid, but the big advantage of lower interest rates because there is. Is about the examination standards, 2-have a history of more than three years, firm pays taxes and is clear in the latest fiscal insolvency, not these are conditions. To submit financial plans are said to be generally need to submit a business plan, financing plan for that condition. This is an important decision you should know when the self-employed in a business loan to borrow money. There are a number of documents are required to submit to sign up even if you borrow as an employer even if you rent personally when renting a paper money are required to apply for business loans. Said if you apply for a business loan is generally required for identification in addition to the tax becomes necessary. The final tax return copy is OK. If you sign up for Bank business loans other than prompts you to submit business plans, budget planning, financial planning, financial statements. It is to ensure company profitability and safety. You might keep in mind Bank business loan even if the necessary funds can borrow money at low interest rates, although there is a tendency that the submission is often the tough screening for a collection. It is possible to use bank free loan or even self-employed Bank free loan available to self-employed people to borrow money. That settled, so there are no restrictions on total bank loans becomes possible.Here note that the proprietors as life funds using Bank free loan is possible, but not acknowledged as financing. I funds funds for business purposes is almost NG, is established in this way. If you want to use as labor costs won’t do the free loan of the Bank. Sole proprietorship are available public financing system has various ways to borrow money. One of the ways available to the self-employed “public financing”. -Government financial institutions for loans, has the advantage of municipal financing both tickets are now on the local financial institutions, can borrow money at low interest rates. Of course it is necessary to review. Documents required for examining the, trial balance, tax payment certificates, tax returns, these last 3 feeling financial and collateral materials already prepared. Generally require collateral or guarantor. Who can get a loan at low interest rate review is a little stiff and reputation is still sees great benefits and not less. Benefit from lower interest rates than it would disadvantage is too lazy to prepare documents that is attractive. How money is self-employed but now just to borrow money needed comes suddenly. It is banks and consumer finance loans is popular as it is not finding the same day loans are available, but even the self-employed finance immediately. To enable the loan on the same day, to read for more information on the submission page of each company ago you start < is recommended. For example, if you want a loan on the day sign up until 2 pm on the day, and there are clearly present the conditions. From the examination is required after signing up and say that's why specifying the time. You can clear the review, for the first time to lend money to proceed. Therefore, it is working back the time it takes to review and sign up for up to 14 day loan can be explained. Same day loans are possible in many consumer finance is where there are very easy to apply because of the imminent financial company bank loans same day loans are possible, so Might want to borrow money, bothers to compare service offerings, such as where to sign up. Of course, finance is NG. I only take loans as living expenses.
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